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President's Report

As summer is quickly coming to an end, I hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable time. I
am looking forward to the start of this year’s programs.

Your Board of Directors has been working hard to bring you a full year of educational courses and professional development meetings. Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your career we have full range of certification course and workshops to meet your needs.

The professional development meetings kick off September 13th, with APICS OGV Golf Challenge. These professional development meetings are a great opportunity to learn from some of the top professionals in their field and a chance to network with your peers.

I am looking forward to seeing and meeting as many of you as possible over the next year. Be
sure to check out the APICS OGV website for a full list and timing courses and events

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Welcome New Members

We'd like to welcome our new members to APICS Ontario Grand Valley Chapter:

                       Danilo Avilla
                       Derek Spinks
                       Justin Clayfield

 We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events!

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There are four courses being offered at Conestoga College this term.  All four of these courses are legacy modules so for those of you that are working towards your certification under the legacy model, these are for you!  Remember these legacy modules will only be offered until the Spring of 2018. 


As always, Conestoga College has minimum registration requirments so it is important to register early to help ensure that your desired course(s) can meet those requirements.


You can find more information on our website at and at Conestoga College at


We are also in the process of scheduling the next season of Focus Workshops.  We are still confirming those dates so watch our website for that information! 


Registration for the Basics Fast Track offering is now closed but through that registration process we heard from a number of individuals that are interested in future Fast Track offerings.  If you share that interest and would like to request a specific module, please contact me at [email protected] so we can work towards providing the best resources possible.


Happy Certifying!

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Upcoming Events

October Professional Development Meeting

October 11, 2017
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre
700 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, ON N3H 5L8


November Professional Development Meeting

November 08, 2017
5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre
700 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, ON N3H 5L8


December Plant Tour: Walinga

5656 Hwy 6 North, R.R #5
Guelph ON
N1H 6J2

Remember your great grandfather’s tool shed? Wooden walls and a worn peg board where he thoughtfully arranged his tools. Tools that were handed down from your grandfather’s father, to your grandfather and so on until they found their way to you. These tools never needed replacing, there’s no built in obsolescence, they aren’t headed for the trash. They were manufactured to work hard and to last for generations.

Walinga bulk transportation equipment is built to last. Equipment designed for a hard day’s work, day in, day out, equipment that reliably shows up ready for work. No one is sure where the oldest hard working Walinga product is, but we know it’s had generations at its controls. It will be a simpler machine, it might show a few dings, some scuffs and time under a hot sun may see it a little faded. But know that when the latest generation walks up to a maintained Walinga product, it’s the farmhand they can trust.

Join us to tour this exciting manufacturing facility, recepient of the APICS OGV Company of the Year Award!

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This Month's Event

APICS OGV Golf Challenge

September 13, 2017
12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club
1910 Roseville Rd. RR2
Cambridge, ON N1R 5S3, 

Please note that the Dinner & Networking portion of the event starts at 5:00 p.m.



Speaker: Doug Dedman CPIM BA MBA


Doug has been working in S&OP in various capacities for well over 10 years, but his career working with manufacturers started well before then. He joined DBM Systems Inc. in 1990 holding positions in sales and management, but most of his career has been working with companies to implement change in the areas of: Sales and Operations Planning, Order Management, Scheduling, Material Planning, Procurement and Inventory Management. Doug spent 4 years as Vice President and General Manager of Global Services at Steelwedge Software a leading S&OP cloud solution provider. He returned to DBM in 2016 to become part of their drive for thought leadership in Sales and Operations Planning. Doug also has taught at Conestoga College in the School of Business, and taught various APICS courses as part of the CPIM program. He is a frequent speaker at local APICS chapters as well at International Users Conferences. Doug has a BA in Economics from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the University of Windsor as well as his CPIM from APICS.




Topic: Measurements get results.  The right measurements get the right results.


Making a change or improvement can be difficult.  Often we focus on the results that we want and not on what it takes to get there.  Measuring process and progress are important in order to stay focussed on the changes necessary to bring results.  This is true whether it is a personal change you are making (such as improving your golf game) or whether you are implementing a change at your company (such as improving your S&OP process).  Doug will draw both from his experience both as a golfer (not necessarily a good one) and as an S&OP change agent on how to implement metrics that deliver results.


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