Focus Workshop - Material Requirements Planning

One-day Workshop

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Material requirements planning is a set of techniques that uses bill of material data, inventory data and the master production schedule to calculate requirements for materials. Time-phased MRP begins with the items listed on the master production schedule (MPS) and determines (1) the quantity of all components and materials required to fabricate those items, and (2) the date that the components and material are required. Time-phased MRP is accomplished by exploding the bill of material, adjusting for inventory quantities on hand or on order, and offsetting the net requirements by the appropriate lead times.

This one-day workshop will focus on Basics of MRP and Managing with MRP.

Basics of MRP

This session will explore the basics of operating MRP Topics discussed include:

  • Objectives and functions of MRP
  • Inventory replenishment techniques and MRP
  • Inputs to MRP
  • The MRP grid
  • Time-phasing
  • Bills of material
  • MRP calculations
  • Outputs of MRP

Managing with MRP

This sessions continues the discussion on MRP with an in-depth review of the role and activities performed by the MRP planner. Topics discussed include:

  • Exploding through multiple bill-of-material (BOM) levels
  • Keeping demand and supply in balance over the planning horizon
  • Releasing production and purchase orders
  • Monitoring order statuses
  • Identifying, negotiating and resolving conflicts
  • Performance measurements used to determine the planner’s effectiveness in managing the demand and supply orders.

Source:Principles of Manufacturing Management, sessions 4 & 5

Potential Audience

This workshop may be of interest to: master schedulers, material planners, production planners, materials coordinators, buyers, middle management.


A general understanding of manufacturing is preferred.


Participant guides will be provided.

Recommended reading (optional – will not be used during the workshop):

  • Introduction to Materials Management, 7th edition Arnold, Chapman, Clive
  • APICS Dictionary, 14th edition

Both books are available for purchase through the chapter.


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