Focus Workshop - Lean Inventory and Production Management

One-day Workshop

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Lean has emerged as a philosophy preaching the total elimination of waste and the optimization of productive resources, a toolbox of techniques for process improvement, and a system through which companies and their business partners can deliver continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This one-day workshop will focus on Lean Production Management and Lean Inventory.

Lean Inventory – Theory and Practice

Lean Inventory – Theory and Practice is concerned with the investigation of inventory from a different perspective: the application of lean principles and practices. Topics discussed include:

  • Concepts of just-in-time (JIT) and lean and how they apply to the management of inventories
  • The structure of lean
  • Three major sources of operations waste
  • Eight types of process waste
  • Differentiating value-added work from waste
  • Managing inventory effectively in a lean environment
  • Lean inventory flow analogy
  • Impact of inventory reduction
  • Lean pull system basics
  • Working with kanban

Lean Production Management

Lean uses visual demand pull signals, such as kanban cards, instead of orders. Only when the demand signal is activated, will operators build and move items and products as designated by the kanban. Topics discussed include:

  • Lean and just-in-time (JIT) concepts and practices
  • Evolution of the lean concept
  • Concept of process waste
  • Lean thinking
  • Employee involvement and empowerment
  • Lean production concepts and practices
  • Lean plant layout design
  • Lean production pull system
  • Kanban production techniques
  • Two-card kanban production flow

Source:      Principles of Inventory Management, session 7                  
                  Principles of Manufacturing Management, session 10

Potential Audience

This workshop may be of interest to: material planners, material coordinators, production planners, buyers, middle management


A general understanding of manufacturing is preferred.


Participant guides will be provided.

Recommended reading (optional – will not be used during the workshop):

  • Introduction to Materials Management, 7th edition Arnold, Chapman, Clive
  • APICS Dictionary, 14th edition

Both books are available for purchase through the chapter.


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