The Innovation Fund

An APICS CPIM certification is recognized worldwde and is a competitive advantage in today's job market. Full-time college students in the Supply Chain & Operations Management program will graduate with a wealth of knowledge. It is a small step to apply this knowledge towards obtaining a CPIM certification. Our chapter feels that we can help.

Some of the proceeds from Innovation and all of the proceeds from the Innovation Showcase will be set aside to assist these APICS student members in obtaining their APICS certifications before graduation. Funds will help defray the costs of successful examinations, as well as the creation and delivery of preparatory workshops that will eliminate timing and curriculum differences for each CPIM exam. This endeavour will be primarily funded by the proceeds generated by Innovation. You can be a part of this: join us at Innovation!

The Duncan McLeod Award 



The Duncan McLeod Award is presented to students who have achieved their CPIM prior to graduation. It has been awarded to:

  • Tammy Scott CPIM (2008)
  • Julie White CPIM (2012)
  • Ya Li Hou CPIM (2014)
  • Alexandra Villemaire CPIM (2014)
  • Dave Thiessen CPIM (2015)
  • Austin Brown CPIM (2015)
  • Limin Mao CPIM (2015)
  • Elizaveta Astakhova CPIM (2016)
  • Gabriel Silva-Castillo CPIM (2016)
  • Aaron Kelsh CPIM (2017)
  • Shou-Chung His CPIM (2017)
  • Adam Schram CPIM (2017)
  • Xiao Fu CPIM (2017)
  • Aaron Brock CPIM CSCP (2017


Become a Patron of the Innovation Fund

Reserve a table (seating for 8) at our Innovation dinner for $450 (regular price $400).

Your additional contribution of $50 will go directly toward helping our students gain a competitive edge in the job market when they graduate by adding CPIM to their credentials.

How can we help?

Let us know how we can help. Contact us any time. Our email address is [email protected]

See you at the conference!