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Welcome New Members

We'd like to welcome our new members to APICS Ontario Grand Valley Chapter:

                       Chad Vanderveen
                       Todd Swaving
                       Derek Spanninga
                       Shirley Dejong
                       Trish VanderVeen
                       Simrat Sran
                       Aaron Grant
                       Jefferson Jean-Felix
                       Sukhraj Saggoo

 We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events!


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2017 Membership Survey

APICS Ontario Grand Valley chapter is committed to providing the most value to its membership.

Please help us by completing this short survey by clicking the link below.  We appreciate your input.

2017 Membership Survey


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The reconfiguration is an exciting opportunity - but we are noticing that a lot of candidates are hesitating to register for persent courses.  So I want to take this opportunity to underline a few benefits that you can enjoy in this ever shortening window of opportunity.

The new configuration is two exams, now referred to as Part 1 (Basics) and Part 2 (MPR, DSP, ECO and SMR).  We've mentioned before that if you are part way through the current five, it is to your benefit to complete your certification in the old format.  BUT your timeframe to do so is steadily decreasing.  These four courses, in the current format, will continue to be offered ONLY until the Spring of 2018 and more vitally still, exams will be available ONLY until 31December2018If you intend to finish the certification in the legacy format you have a very limited time to do so.

For those of you are hesitating to even begin your certification process, you are mising a great opportunity.  The new Part 1 exam is anticipated to be available in November 2018 and the current Basics exam will only be available until 7January2018.  The new exam, while covering the same material will be longer (3 and 1/2 hours and 150 questions) and more expensive.  So by taking the current Basics module you will have a shorter and more frugal exam process.  The catch is that there will be only ONE MORE Basics class offered before the deadline.  We are still working at putting together the dates and details for that course and will keep you posted but it is vital that you understand that these are benefits that have a very limited shelf life!

Please understand that once the legacy exams are no longer offered you must complete your certification in the new format.  So for those of you who are part way through, that will mean preparing again for material for which you've already written exams as well increased costs and time committment for the exam itself. 

Please consider your options carefully.  And register for the courses you need in September! 






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Upcoming Events


APICS OGV Golf Challenge 2017

September 13th

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club
1910 Roseville Rd. RR2
Cambridge, ON N1R 5S3

Guest speaker: Dave Searle

Dave Searle manages his own ERP consulting practice, and offers a unique perspective when it comes to ERP systems. He understands the software design but his primary focus over his 30 year manufacturing career is from the practitioner’s point of view. Dave is certified by APICS with CPIM and CSCP designations and is a former President of the OGV Chapter. Over the past 20 years he has been helping companies maximize the benefits from their ERP business planning systems and has worked in over 80 manufacturing facilities in 10 countries across North America and Europe.



Student Appreciation Night

October 11th

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club
1910 Roseville Rd. RR2
Cambridge, ON N1R 5S3

Guest Speaker: Darren Stewart



PD Meeting

November 8th

Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre
700 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, ON N3H 5L8

Guest Speaker: TBA


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This Month's Event

Awards Banquet

June 14, 2017
5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Beaverdale Golf Club
1171 Kossuth Rd
Cambridge, ON N3C 2V3

Speakers: Brian Watson, BA, MBA, CPIM, JonahDr. Stephen Hummel, P. Eng.

Brian Watson is a Professor in the Supply Chain & Operations Management Program at Conestoga College. In his time at the College, Brian has twice served as Program Coordinator, and was the initial lead professor in the development of the International Business Management degree program Supply Chain Management specialization. Prior to joining the College in 1999, Brian spent 21 years in Canada’s supply chain sector in both materials and operations management positions, applying system thinking approaches to improving the operational and financial performance of the firms he worked with. As a member of the Ontario Grand Valley (OGV) Chapter of APICS since 1983, Brian has taught the CPIM certification courses, and is a Past President of the Chapter. Over the years Brian has spoken at numerous APICS OGV Chapter professional development meetings on a variety of supply chain topics. In 2000, Brian was nominated for the Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching award at Conestoga College. In 2002, and again in 2008 Brian was selected as the APICS OGV Chapter Member of the Year. 

Dr. Stephen Hummel, P. Eng. is a former Conference Board of Canada award-winning turnaround CEO and a former member of APICS. Following his industry career Stephen earned two doctorates and has taught at several Canadian universities in both undergraduate and graduate programs.  During his career as an academic, Stephen, with partners, built a venture capital firm that generated millions of dollars of value for its partners and employees. Stephen has successfully started up and grown firms across many industries, including technology and finance. He is currently an award-winning professor of strategy and supply chain management at Conestoga College, the faculty representative on the Conestoga College Board of Governors (as of the date of this report) and a former adjunct faculty member at DH-BW, a large State University in Stuttgart, Germany.

Topic: The Real Breakthrough Technology Isn’t Technology At All

Canada continues to lag behind many industrialized nations in terms of labour productivity. In the global economy, this causes our goods and services to be more expensive relative to our trading partners, negatively impacting our competitiveness, GDP growth, and our standard of living in Canada.  A well-researched approach to dealing with this critical issue will be discussed through a review of the results of a recent applied research project completed in the Region. This research covered both multi-nationals and SMEs.  The audience will be asked to participate and provide input during the presentation.

The material covered will appeal to both professionals and students alike.




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