Innovation 2017 - Presentations

Keynote Presentation

Adapt or Die - Successfully Managing the Volatile Supply Chain

Carol Ptak

Today’s detailed planning and scheduling systems are rooted in assumptions and practices from 40 years ago.  “Best practices” are no longer best – they are simply antiquated and in many cases inappropriate.  Optimizing these inappropriate rules through today’s more powerful ERP products is fraught is risk.  Sustaining competitiveness in the face of rising complexity and volatility in supply chains requires a fundamentally different approach – a company has a choice – adapt or die. 

This presentation will describe the simple steps of the required shift from convention to the emerging principles of Demand Driven operational systems.  The presentation will be comprised of three sections:

  1. The breakdown of formal planning and scheduling in the "New Normal"
  2. The importance of promotion and protection of system flow and it connection to ROI
  3. Five basic steps to becoming Demand Driven

Dinner Presentation

Adaptive S&OP

Carol Ptak

Ian Wilson, a Dick Ling S&OP class attendee said, “However good our research may be, we shall never escape from the ultimate dilemma that most of our knowledge is about the past, and all our decisions are about the future.”  

Most of the changes in the plan comes from the demand side – changes in the market, changes in the product, changes in demand patterns, etc.  Now S&OP can realize its intended objective – an adaptive process that effectively manages change.

This presentation will cover the Adaptive Sales and Operations Planning; the integrated business process that provides management the ability to strategically define, direct and manage relevant information in the strategic relevant range.  Market Driven Innovation is combined with Operations Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy and Financial Strategy to create strategic information and requirements for tactical reconciliation and strategic projection to effectively create and drive change.


CLTD - Certified in Logistics Transportation and Distribution

Chaim Silberstein

Certified in Logistics Transportation and Distribution - is APICS' newest certification. The CLTD certification exam was released last October and we are now beginning to see CLTD added to people's names.

Chaim certified CLTD several weeks ago and will be discussing this new certification - what it is, what it covers who should certify. 


CPIM - New Reconfiguration

Sue Franks

Certified in Production and Inventory Management - CPIM - is APICS' oldest and most recognized of its certifications.  It is undergoing a facelift! APICS is rolling out a reconfigured CPIM in Q3 of 2017. 

Join Sue as she describes the planned changes to the CPIM certification process - both the exams and courseware. 


Dealing with Difficult Employees

Jocelyn Vezina

Joe's work is below average. He is often late, does not participate in meeting and every time you bring up the performance issues Joe always has excuses. Sounds familiar? Do you have a Joe on your team? Dealing with difficult employees is not easy. On Friday February 3rd join us while we explore:

  1. The root causes of employee behaviour
  2. The warning signs
  3. Some tips on how to deal with difficult employees.


Embracing Change 

Charmaine Grace

As inevitable as death and taxes we love it or hate it; crave it or avoid it; welcome it or reject it. This fun and interactive presentation will help your people learn to embrace and thrive in the face of change by understanding the process of change and discovering ways to help them handle future changes in their lives.


Forecasting MRO Stock

Ed White

Everyone has MRP stock and either ignores it or treats it as regular stock but MRO stock is NOT the same as regular stock and cannot be forecast the same. This discussion looks at the differences in MRO demand management, some techniques to improve your forecast, and how to improve your control of MRO stock. 


How to Apply 5S to Any Workplace

Maryanne Ross

Remember growing up, mom told us we couldn’t go out to play with our friends until our bedrooms were clean?  We griped because we didn’t realize that mom was laying the groundwork for successfully competing in today’s marketplace.  It turns out the concepts of 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) are foundational activities necessary for us to have a chance at successful and sane work environments.

5S is one of the Lean philosophies and techniques necessary if we as employees want a more pleasant work environment, more satisfying jobs, processes that make the job easier and make sense.  For employers, 5S means higher quality, lower costs, easier maintenance, greater customer satisfaction, and higher profitability.  It is the foundation for continually improving ourselves.

This highly interactive presentation is perfect for any owner, manager, leader, or employee responsible for performing the tasks of an organization, and seeking to continuously improve.  Participants will apply what they learned immediately with an exercise that includes a sweet surprise!


Innovation to the Supply Chain 

Linda Craig

Planning engineering, procuring, handling and managing of the movement of goods and services across Canada and around the world.

The presentation will discuss the impact of Supply Chain Management on our firms, and the importance of workplace essential skills on Canadian organizations. It will cover why the supply chain is important, what are the Occupations of Supply Chain and how the changes in PEST (Political, Social, Economic and Technology) impact the skills, roles and tasks required to address the labour market.

What is the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council? And how the CSCSC can address some of the concerns through Occupational Standards and Connector Skills-Matching Tool to explore Supply Chain occupations.



The Legend of the Control Group - Does it Really Work?

Dave Searle

It’s talked about often, but the technique is largely misunderstood.  Sadly, a common misperception exists that the use of a Control Group is a standard practice in any cycle counting program, when in reality it is more often overlooked, and more surprisingly not recognized as the critical element to revealing the true causes of the inventory inaccuracies.  If it were a common practice and well understood, one would think that the problem of inventory accuracy would be solved, but that is far from reality.  This session is designed to delve into this powerful technique with a focus on how it is to be applied to actually pinpoint the root causes.  The outputs can be eye-popping and the information invaluable, but only if management uses it to drive process improvements and steer expectations away from accepting the errors that permeate through our perpetual inventories.  


Leveraging Lean Logistics to Lead in the 21st Century!

Michael Ford

This presentation will take a lean look at logistics and focus on how we can add value through warehousing, distribution and transportation. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • Lean warehousing techniques such as cross-docking and drop-shipping
  • The trade-off between shrinking lot sizes and increasing deliveries
  • Lean material handling and storage
  • Design for Logistics (DFL) opportunities
  • Sustainability improvements through reverse logistics (reduce, reuse, recycle)


Packaging Process Improvement

Susan Franks

Streamlining your processes?  Need to shorten lead times both inside your operation and to your customers?  Join this interactive workshop combining supplier integration,  material presentation, and logistics to see how you can use all three to improve your throughput.

We will be building legos and working with packaging, supermarkets and interplant logistics to reduce handling (packaging/unpacking, kitting) and speed processes through the plant.


Planning Systems Implementations - Lessons Learned

Andy Zeitz

We will look at some examples both good and bad from my experiences over the years with the  mplementation of ERP and planning systems. From customers big and small. This will be a highly interactive discussion less "lecture" and more 2 way communication. Format = 10 minute segments: 1 minute summary of issue, 2 minutes summary of resolution, 5 minutes open discussion, 2 minutes to transition x 5.


I Promise - Making Order Commitments That You Can Rely on

Peter Milroy
Vern Crawford

I want to order 100 widgets from you - when can I have them? A simple question that many manufacturers struggle to answer. This session will discuss some of the common challenges companies face in order promising, and the data and system requirements to provide a reliable answer without jumping through hoops. 


Teaming Up for Success

Judy Suke

An interactive workshop where you will learn all about being a successful team. Tips that can help you in both your professional and personal life.


The S&OP Spring - so what is the Problem?

Chaim Silberstein

Regardless of size and industry, most companies in recent years are facing significant business challenges including shrinking profit margins, reduced customer loyalty, growing global competition, shrinking product life cycles and increased supply chain complexity. These factors result in business growth that is below plan and have created new challenges for supply chain managers. They altered the global competitive environment into one of high uncertainty and risk.

Sales and Operations Planning S&OP is enjoying an unprecedented ‘spring’ period in the last few year as companies are adopting this process as one of the key strategies in response to an increasingly complex business climate. 

However, research shows that 40% of businesses do not have a formal S&OP process. Where the process exists, more than half of SCM managers conceded that there are staggering gaps in stakeholder’s participation or involvement: no regular participation of either manufacturing, finance or marketing, in short most attempts to implement S&OP fail.

In this interactive presentation, participants:

  • Will learn key factors preventing the successful implementation of this critical process.
  • Will be provided with an S&OP implementation road map.
  • Will be exposed to key success factors to ensure S&OP success.


Uncovering the Data you didn’t know you had: Integrating CRM tools with S&OP to improve your Demand Plan

Doug Dedman

Before a sale happens, someone in sales had identified it as an opportunity.  They worked on that opportunity to close the deal, got the purchase order and made the sale.  Unfortunately in many organizations, operations isn’t aware of the opportunity until after the purchase order is received.  By that time, the delivery date promised to the customer may be less than lead times, purchasing needs to be expedited and manufacturing priorities shifted.  This can be avoided.  If your company is using a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool, there is a good chance the opportunity life cycle was tracked.  This means that information on the sale was available much sooner, it just wasn’t being used. 

Any company that has ETO, MTO, or project business should link their CRM data to their S&OP process.CRM data is often the earliest signal to the organization that a sale may happen.  However just because the data is in CRM doesn’t mean that it is usable for S&OP.  Understanding how to filter and translate opportunities to meaningful information is the first step to integrating CRM and S&OP.  Starting this integration will provide a more accurate and actionable demand plan for your executive team.

In this presentation I will cover the basics of linking CRM with your S&OP process:

  • How CRM and S&OP are related
  • When and why you should use CRM data to develop your S&OP plan
  • Understanding the necessary data elements required to integrate CRM and S&OP
  • How to translate CRM data into a demand plan
  • Pitfalls of integrating CRM data and how to overcome them


Your Refueling Station

Karin Vagiste

The stress of resolving workplace conflicts will rob you of energy. So come and refuel your energy tank with Simplified Mediation. Six inspirational cartoons from Karin's book, Settle It, provide a visual summary of how to settle conflicts. Karin was granted the International Award of Excellence for her Peace-Building Strategies, so learn how you can turn your conflict into a catalyst for positive change!


Your S&OP Demand Plan - Roughly Accurate or Precisely Wrong?

Duncan McLeod

A forecast by definition is wrong! Nothing goes to Plan! Measuring the accuracy of the booking and shipment plan are two of the three S&OP effectiveness measurements. Implementing these measurements and establishing realistic tolerances are fundamental to successful Sales and Operations Planning. Even if you don’t have an S&OP process, you do need to monitor the quality of your demand plan. 

Accuracy implies that the actual results fall within the tolerances set for the family. To be effective, the S&OP process depends on accurate plans. This is different than plans that are precise to the last decimal point but not necessarily within tolerance. It is easy to get enticed by exotic forecasting algorithms that use a lot of complex math to get the wrong answer. Don’t worry about exotic,  just get it in the zone.

In this presentation I will cover:

  • The two elements of the demand plan that should be measured: Bookings and Shipments
  • Establishing a realistic level of granularity.
  • Establishing tolerances based on demonstrated performance.
  • The need for supply chain buffers to support these tolerances.
  • Examples of the impact of demand plan errors that are still within tolerance. You may be surprized at how much elasticity there is.
  • Tracking the data across multiple families.

Panels of Experts

Global Procurement


The procurement management industry has changed significantly in the last few years. "9 to 5" takes on a new meaning on a global platform.Join our experts in an interactive session about the major changes to procurement and purchasing.

Panel members:
Kevin Bate
Gerald R Ford
Maryanne Ross

Moderator: Bruce Williamson


Oh Canada!


At the APICS international conference last September, Team Refresh (HEC Montreal, winners of the 2016 Lloyd Clive Memorial Student Case Competition) and Team GCAV (McGill University, winners of the Fresh Connection Global competition) won the gold and silver medals, respectively. Canada has won both medals for the second consecutive year. 

Join us as both Teams Canada 2016 share their experiences about participating in, and winning both gold and silver at the international case competition.

Panel members: Team Canada

Gold medallists (Team Refresh, HEC Montreal): Sabine Signor, Julie Soriano, Amelia Di Liello Roberge, Cathy Pak
Silver medallists (Team GCAV, McGill University): Vladimir Babii, Ahmed Mahmoudi, Camilla Gellerth, Grace Fu
Coach for both teams: Nicolai Rassolov

Moderator: Humphrey Vernaus


Women in Business


The deficit of women in supply chain roles across all sectors is indisputable—and it is particularly true of women in executive positions. Historically, gender bias has excluded women from core managerial roles such as production supervisors and operations managers. And it is these positions that are key to preparing employees for top leadership roles within the industry. While there is a deficit, it wasn't all that long ago that women in supply chain roles were a rarity.  

Join this open forum where business women talk about where women in the workplace came from and what business opportunities women have in the future.

Panel members:
Carol Ptak
Maryanne Ross
Heather Walker
Louise Beauchamp

Moderator: Bruce Williamson


Keynote Speaker


Demand Driven Institute, Globe, AZ

Carol Ptak is currently a partner with the Demand Driven Institute, and was most recently at Pacific Lutheran University as a Visiting Professor and Distinguished Executive in Residence.

Previously, she was vice president and global industry executive for manufacturing and distribution industries at PeopleSoft where she developed the concept of demand driven manufacturing (DDM). Ms. Ptak spent four years at IBM culminating in the position of SMB segment executive. Carol is a past president of APICS.

Carol is the author of several books:

  • Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning 3rd Edition (with Chad Smith)
  • ERP: Tools, Techniques and Applications for Integrating the Supply Chain
  • The Quantum Leap: Next Generation (with Dean Gillam & Steve TaylorJones)
  • Theory H.O.W.: How Organizations Could Work (with Harold E. Cavallaro)
  • Necessary but not Sufficient: A Theory of Constraints Business Novel (with Eliyahu M. Goldratt)
  • MRP and Beyond: A Toolbox for Integrating People and Systems
  • Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (with Chad Smith)


Keynote address: Adapt or Die - Successfully Managing the Volatile Supply Chain
Dinner: Adaptive S&OP
Panelist: Women in Business




Sr. Manager End 2 End Processes, BMO Finance, Toronto, ON
Managing Partner, RSVP - Retention Strategy Value Partners, Toronto, ON

Linda Craig is one of the country’s pre-eminent authorities on Supply Chain and Change Management, with deep knowledge in the areas of eCommerce, IT and HR. Previous to starting RVSP, Linda was the Vice President of Learning and Standards for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. Prior roles were with Sobeys, where she was the architect and leader of the establishment of Sobeys Global Sourcing organization, Nestle (with 3 SAP implementations), and Nabisco. She is currently the Sr. Manager End 2 End Processes at BMO.
Linda sits on the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council accreditation review panel and is the board's secretary. She has been instrumental in the development of several of the CSAE courses. Linda holds an Executive MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. Linda lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and three children. When she has time, she enjoys singing in a choir and travel.

Presentation: Innovation to the Canadian Supply Chain


Vern Crawford

CMS Montera, Cambridge ON

Vern Crawford studied Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON and completed his MBA with a focus on Finance at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON. He is experienced in a broad range of industries including large scale FMCG distribution, Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturing and home mobility product manufacture, install and service. As a Consultant for CMS Montera, he is responsible for leading client engagements, client relationship management, and assisting with the development of CMS RoadRunner software. He recently completed the requirements to become a Certified Demand Driven Planner with the Demand Driven Institute. His greatest joy in life is his wife and two children.

Presentation: I Promise – Making Order Commitments That You Can Rely On


Doug Dedman CPIM BA MBA

DBM Systems Inc., Guelph, ON

Doug has been working in S&OP in various capacities for well over 10 years, but his career working with manufacturers started well before then. He joined DBM Systems Inc. in 1990 holding positions in sales and management, but most of his career has been working with companies to implement change in the areas of: Sales and Operations Planning, Order Management, Scheduling, Material Planning, Procurement and Inventory Management. Doug spent 4 years as Vice President and General Manager of Global Services at Steelwedge Software a leading S&OP cloud solution provider. He returned to DBM in 2016 to become part of their drive for thought leadership in Sales and Operations Planning. Doug also has taught at Conestoga College in the School of Business, and taught various APICS courses as part of the CPIM program. He is a frequent speaker at local APICS chapters as well at International Users Conferences. Doug has a BA in Economics from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the University of Windsor as well as his CPIM from APICS

Presentation: Uncovering the Data you didn’t know you had: Integrating CRM tools with S&OP to improve your Demand Plan



TQM Works, Port Crane NY

Michael D. Ford, CFPIM, CSCP, CQA, CRE, CQE, ACPF, CPSM is Principal of TQM Works Consulting.  He provides innovative solutions, based on 30 years of experience in retail, distribution, manufacturing, and consulting.  His work history includes software implementation, business planning, inventory control, distribution planning, and corporate training.  This includes a broad range of experience from ETO (Engineer to Order) to MTS (Make to Stock), as well as non-profits, service, and Department of Defense. He has presented at over 310 industry events throughout the U.S., Canada, Nigeria and S. Africa, and has provided over 5,000 hours of classroom training, averaging 4.5/5.0 on evaluations. Ford is a 2016 graduate of Binghamton University, earning a M.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering.  Ford combines his technical expertise with personal skills, to develop a unique “outside the box” approach to life’s challenges.  He is a charismatic speaker who specializes in delivering training that is “edu-taining.”

Presentation: Leveraging Lean Logistics to Lead in the 21st Century!



HourGlass Consulting, San Diego CA

Sue has over 25 years of management experience in Materials, Manufacturing, and
Operations Management. She has an MBA in Production and Operations Management from
San Diego State University; earned her CPIM in 1991, and CSCP in 2006. Her experience covers
a variety of manufacturing and supply chain environments from start‐up to high volume, and
has worked for companies such as Medtronic, 3Com, Hewlett Packard, and most recently
JMAR, LLC. She is currently President of HourGlass Consulting in San Diego, CA.

Sue has been an instructor for the San Diego Chapter since 2001, and is an APICS IDP
recognized Master Instructor for CPIM, CSCP, and Instructor Training. She currently serves as a
member of the APICS Rewrite and Review Committee for the CPIM modules. She has served
on the San Diego Chapter Board of Directors since 2004 as Vice President CPIM Workshops
and Chapter President, and is currently serving as Vice President, Education.

Presentation: Packaging Process Improvement

Presentation: CPIM Reconfiguration


Charmaine Grace DTM

Your Next Step to Possibility, Port Colborne ON

Charmaine Grace is Your Next Step to Possibility.  Her goal is to ignite sparks of hope and possibility in the hearts and minds of individuals, groups and organizations so that they empower themselves to take their next steps toward their possibilities.  Charmaine is a graduate of Business Administration, Operations Management; and a continuing education student in The School of Life. She is a past member of the Hamilton Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers where she held a number of leadership roles and was awarded Showcase Speaker of the Year, and President’s Outstanding Service Award.   She is also a founding member of Triangle Seminars. 

Presentation: Embracing Change


Duncan McLeod CFPIM CSCP PEng

DBM Systems, Guelph ON

With close to 40 years experience in the manufacturing industry, whether as a foreman, materials manager or consultant, our speaker has seen firsthand how today’s industry evolved from a much different way of doing things. Not only has Duncan McLeod witnessed this transformation - he has in many ways been a facilitator of it. As President and CEO of DBM Systems, Duncan has been developing solutions to a variety of business challenges for the manufacturing and distribution sectors. He is a registered Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute and a Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management and a Certified Supply Chain Professional with APICS. He received his BASc in Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and his MBA from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Presentation: Your S&OP Demand Plan - Roughly Accurate or Precisely Wrong? 


Peter Milroy

CMS Montera, Cambridge ON

Peter Milroy is a Vice President with CMS Montera Inc., a Cambridge-based company providing management solutions and software to increase operational performance and sales.  For 15 years, Peter has helped companies improve in wide range of industries including high-tech, food processing, industrial manufacturing, and consumer products.  Peter is a certified in Operations, Supply Chain, and Finance and Measures by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization, and is a Certified Management Accountant.

Presentation: I Promise – Making Order Commitments That You Can Rely On



Mental Apparel, East Blue Hill ME

Maryanne Ross, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, CDDP, is an author, speaker, international trainer, and instructor specializing in Personal and Professional Development and Supply Chain Management.  Maryanne is a Master Instructor for the APICS CPIM and CSCP and Instructor Development programs, and teaches the full gamut of APICS courses and workshops.  Maryanne has developed her own curriculums, including a Lean for Office workshop.  She has a passion for teaching and speaking on leadership development, motivation, goal setting, and team building.  Maryanne is currently serving as the APICS Maine Chapter President.

Panelist: Global Procurement
Panelist: Women in Business
Presentation: How to 5S Anything in the Workplace


Dave Searle CPIM CSCP

Manex, Brantford ON

Dave Searle has extensive hands-on experience in executing the core manufacturing applications of ERP.   His manufacturing career has spanned 40 years, and after entering the ERP consulting field in the early 1990’s has managed implementation projects and assisted numerous companies across North America, Europe and Africa.  He is certified by APICS with CPIM and CSCP designations and is a former President of the OGV Chapter.  Over the past 9 years he has operated his own independent practice which has facilitated a specialization in working with practitioners on improving the day-to-day processes that drive real benefits from their ERP systems.    

Presentation: The Legend of the Control Group - Does it Really Work?


Chaim Silberstein CFPIM CIRM CSCP SCOR-P CLTD Jonah

C.S Consulting Associates Inc., Toronto ON

Chaim is the president of C.S. Consulting Associates Inc. a Toronto based consulting firm, specializing in providing SCM education, consulting and fitness services.

He is an acknowledged expert and educator in the field of supply chain management (SCM) and has been conducting seminars and education programs and is a frequent speaker for various APICS chapters, corporations and educational institutions around the globe. He published numerous articles on these subjects.

Chaim possesses a unique combination of hands-on and consulting experience that enables him to provide value added assistance to his clients not only with the principles and techniques but also with the practical application and implementation. He has educated and helped transform many companies and improved their operations efficiencies and bottom line.

Presentation: The S&OP Spring - so what is the Problem?

Presentation: Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Logistics - CLTD


Judy Suke DTM

Triangle Seminars, Mississauga ON

Judy is the President of Triangle Seminars, a professor at Sheridan College, and a motivational humorist. She dedicates her time to bringing informative, entertaining, and memorable messages to people around the world. She has received many awards including; Peel Apprenticeship Board’s Employer of the Year; Mississauga Woman of the Year; District 60 Toastmaster of the Year; The Ontario Government’s Certificate of Excellence in Human Resources; and the Pinnacle Business Woman of Distinction for Excellence in Education and Training. She is a Past-President of the Hamilton Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Presentation: Teaming Up for Success


Karin Vagiste

Solid Solutions, Toronto ON

Karin Vagiste was granted the International Award of Excellence for her Mediation Peace-Building Strategies from New York City’s Human Resources Office. Her Mediation studies involved three countries: Sweden, USA and Canada, so she brings a well-rounded perspective to resolving a wide variety of disputes. Karin is the President of “Solid Solutions.” She is an engaging keynote speaker, as well as a program leader who customizes her content to meet the needs of her target audience. She has enjoyed being the guest expert on numerous talk and phone-in shows in North America. Her book, “SETTLE IT!” has been translated into a number of other languages. She volunteers at the Distress Centre. She jokes that her passion for peace is rooted in her Swedish genes. She always does a booksigning after her talk. (cash sales only)

Presentation: Your Refueling Station



Humphrey Vernaus P.Eng, CIM

Materials Manager,
Standard Aero, Winnipeg MB

Humphrey Vernaus, P.Eng., CIM,  has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and is registered as a Professional Engineer in the Province of Manitoba. Humphrey has over 28 years of manufacturing experience and is currently employed as a Materials Manager at StandardAero, a major North American aerospace company with over $1B in sales.  

Humphrey was the District Manager for the Canadian District from 2012- 2014.  He has been a member of APICS since 1993, has held a number of offices and committee positions for the local APICS -Winnipeg Chapter, the Canadian District and with Corporate APICS over the past 20 years.

Panel Moderator: Oh Canada!


Jocelyne Vézina

Joce the Coach, Mississauga ON

Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Jocelyne Vézina truly believes that the best way to be successful in business is through your human capital. She says:"Products can be copied, prices can be beaten, and promotions can be duplicated. Only through the innovative and creative abilities of your employees can you keep your company productive, competitive, and profitable."

Jocelyne is one of a handful of Canadians that are Certified Trainers of the Simply Strengths™ and Strong Manager™ programs offered by The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) of California. She also has created her own Workshops and Seminars based on her more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field. Jocelyne is also a member of Toastmasters International where she won motivational and humour contests.

Presentation: Dealing with Difficult Employees



Jade Trillium Consulting, Hamilton ON

Ed White CPIM CIRM CSCP CPF LSSBB is the founder of Jade Trillium Consulting.  Over the course of his career he has worked in several industries ranging from food and pharmaceutical to chemicals and plastics.  He has held positions at many different management levels and been responsible for numerous projects in Supply Chain, cost saving, education and value enhancement. Ed is an active member of APICS as an instructor and Chapter Board member.  In addition Ed is a published author and sought after speaker on various Supply Chain topics.   He has spoken at several international conferences for APICS, IBF & SAPICS. Making Organizations More Effective!

Presentation: Forecasting MRO Stock


Andy Zeitz CPIM CSCP

Solution Architect,
Kinaxis, Ottawa ON

Andy Zeitz CPIM, CSCP, began his professional life in the music business as an entertainer and was involved in the production side of the business as an Audio Engineer.   Since moving into the supply chain world, Andy has held roles as Shop Floor Scheduler, Demand Planner, Production Planner, Materials Manager and ERP Implementer for organizations that include; Northern Cables (OEM) SMART Technologies (OEM), Breconridge (EMS) and Vox ISM (VAR). Andy is currently employed as a Solution Consultant for Kinaxis working with Fortune 500 companies helping to streamline their supply chain operations through the use of RapidResponse

Andy has been actively involved in the APICS Community since 2005 and served as the APICS Ottawa Chapter President for 8 years.   Andy currently serves on the APICS Canadian District team as District Manager, working closely with professional chapters to help them deliver meaningful experiences for their members. Through his involvement in APICS, Andy serves on the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council’s Board of Directors as a representative of APICS Canadian District, one of the CSCSC’s pillar organizations.

Presentation: Planning Systems Implementations - Lessons Learned




Bruce Williamson CPIM

Conestoga College

 Bruce Williamson is an instructor in the School of Business and Hospitality at Conestoga College. His current teaching focus is Supply Chain and Operations Management. Bruce has been an instructor for the Ontario Grand Valley chapter of APICS since 1999. Most recently, he was a Software Technical Specialist with Glenbriar Technologies located in Waterloo ON. There he worked with dozens of manufacturing and service organizations to identify and resolve software and technical concerns. Previously, Bruce worked in the fields of library automation software, and life and health insurance applications support. He enjoys making learning objectives relevant to real-life situations, and making difficult concepts easy to understand.

Moderator: Global Procurement
Moderator: Women in Business


Teams Canada

From left to right: Vladimir Babii (McGill), Sabine Signor (HEC), Nicolai Rassolov (coach for both teams), Julie Soriano (HEC), Ahmed Mahmoudi (McGill), Camilla Gellerth (McGill), Amélia Di Liello-Roberge (HEC), Grace Fu (McGill), Cathy Pak (HEC)

Two teams from HEC Montreal and McGill University represented Canada at the APICS Fresh Connection Global Student Final in Washington DC last September. Team "Refresh" from HEC  Montreal (Sabine, Julie, Amelia, Cathy) - winners of the Lloyd Clive Memorial Case Competition) were awarded the gold medal. Team "GCAV" from McGill University (Vladimir, Ahmed, Camilla, Grae - winners of the The Fresh Connection Virtual Competition) were awarded the silver medal.

Panelists: Oh Canada!


Kevin Bate

Materials Manager - LMGA Group,
Linamar Corporation, Guelph ON

Kevin Bate has over 20 years’ experience in the materials management field in such diverse industries as automotive, aerospace/defense, recreation and alternative fuels with global companies like Linamar Corporation, Honeywell CPG (FRAM), Curtiss Wright Controls and MTD Products Ltd. Kevin currently holds the position of Materials Manager at Linamar’s LMGA Group. In this role he is responsible for overseeing 17 plants.

Panelist: Global Procurement


Louise Beauchamp CFPIM

Senior Management Consultant
DBM Systems, Guelph ON

Louise has been consulting with global corporations that focus on supply chain management for more than 25 years. She has taught numerous inventory accuracy courses, and her inventory/ shop floor knowledge has made her a highly sought trainer with DBM's large global customers. Louise published Crack the WIP - Best Practices for Work Cell Reconciliation in 2009, and recently published Odd Socks and Inventory Accuracy. An APICS Master Instructor, Louise is the Past President, Innovation chair and a current board member of the APICS Ontario Grand Valley chapter and is a member of the APICS Canadian District team.

Panelist: Women in Business



Chief Visionary Officer,
QSolver, Cambridge ON

Jerry, as he is known by his friends, has worked for over 80 different organizations and businesses both in the private and public sector. He is a graduate of Western University, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Guelph. Jerry is sought after speaker and has also taught at Conestoga College for a total of 18 years covering a wide range of courses including Supply Chain, Consulting, Human Resources, Information Technology and Management Development.  CSI was founded by Jerry in 1993 after he left IBM Canada. CSI is dedicated to tackling interesting projects that provide our clients with creative supply chain, ERP, spend analytics and vendor performance management solutions. Part of our goal is to also help provide opportunities for today’s youth. Our latest accomplishment is a supply chain educational program in Qingdao China with Conestoga College.

Panelist: Global Procurement



Mental Apparel, Silver Springs MD

Maryanne is an author, speaker, international trainer, and instructor specializing in Personal and Professional Development and Supply Chain Management. For over twenty years, Maryanne has been an active member and volunteer for APICS and is a past Mid-Atlantic District Manager. She is a Master Instructor for the APICS CPIM, CSCP and IDP programs, and teaches the full gamut of APICS courses and workshops. Maryanne has developed her own curriculums, including a "Lean for Office" workshop. Maryanne is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership Development Course and is a trained instructor for the Demand Driven MRP certification program. Maryanne is one of an elite group of individuals who has worked personally with Jack Canfield, author of "The Success Principle" and co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul", in his Train the Trainer Program.

In her spare time, Maryanne enjoys spending with her family and her twin granddaughters. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and bird watching. Maryanne is the author of "Leap Years: How to Make the Rest of Your Years the Best of Your Years".

Panelist: Global Procurement
Panelist: Women in Business
Presentation: How to 5S Anything in the Workplace


Heather Walker

Hydra Dyne Tech, Woodstock ON

Heather is a recent graduate of Conestoga College’s Supply Chain and Operations Management program, and is a new professional in the supply chain world. She currently works at Hydra Dyne Tech as a purchaser, managing the internal truck schedule and assisting with inventory management. She is always eager to learn about new topics and to bring new knowledge into her current position. Heather started volunteering with the Conestoga College APICS Student Chapter and is one of their past-presidents. Heather continues to volunteer as a board member of the Ontario Grand Valley Chapter. 

Panelist: Women in Business